Drug Use

Most young people who try drugs do not develop substance use problems. For some, it can become a problem.

There are a number of reasons why people choose to use drugs. Most young people who try drugs during their teen and young adult years do not develop substance use problems. For others, it can become a problem. check your drug use

Drug use becomes a problem when you are finding you need more to get the same effect, when your drug use starts to negatively impact your life (e.g., school, work, family and friends), you experience withdrawal symptoms, and when you have difficulty cutting down. Other signs that it is becoming a problem include having to use drugs to feel good, or when it becomes your main way of coping with life difficulties and stresses.    

Potentially problematic forms of drug use include:

  • Non-medical use of medicines or use other than prescribed by a doctor 
  • Consuming “club drugs” at raves, nightclubs, bars and parties
  • Using drugs such as cocaine or heroin

what to look for

Young adults and teens who use drugs regularly do so for the same reasons adults do. Problem drug use is usually part of a much larger problem.

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