Anxiety refers to the uncomfortable feelings of worry and nervousness that we feel from time to time.

Anxiety is a common reaction to stressful or new situations. It's the tightness in your stomach before a first date or the tension before a job interview.  Most of the time, the anxiety is manageable and disappears once the situation is over. check your anxiety

A little anxiety can be useful – it can gear us up to do our best or keep us alert in a risky situation.  But for some people, anxiety becomes difficult to manage and begins to interfere in their daily life. Fortunately, there are strategies that can be learned to help keep anxiety at bay. You probably already have some strategies that have worked for you. what to look for

If anxiety is starting to get in the way of what you want to do or you would like to learn some additional ways to deal with anxiety, then you may want to explore the other information and resources on this site.


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